Where Kids Meet Christ!

Camping at Little Pine Island focuses on having fun in God’s creation and teaching practical skills that many kids have not had the opportunity to learn. Drawn primarily from Salvation Army Community Centers, camper’s physical, social and spiritual needs are met in a way they will take with them long after camp is done.

Sunbeam/Explorer/Cub Guard/Ranger/Scout

As an extension of character building programs in local communities, these camps encourage kids to earn emblems in various activities such as physical fitness, ecology, nature, aquatics and safety skills classes that meet every day needs.

Music Camp & Conservatory

Whether an expert or beginner, campers find the experience of being in a choir or band to be fun and educational. Participating in drama and contemporary worship planning helps create tomorrow’s leaders of today’s youth.

Senior Citizen’s Camp

As the joy and diversity of the elderly enrich our camp, staff find working closely with seniors adds to the experience and excitement of working at Little Pine Island Camp in a unique and unexpected way.

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